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Member and Family Testimonials

Serenity Adult Day Health serves adults and their families across Central Georgia. Discover what Serenity members have to say about their time with us!

“I love Serenity Adult Day Health. We do fun activities there and it makes a big difference in my life and forgetting about things that I wish I could do but I’m not able to because of my disability.”

Dee D.

“Serenity Adult Day Health Center has been such a blessing for me. My daughter, De’Erricka, enjoys going there every day! It gives her a sense of purpose as she always has a funny story to tell daily. The staff there really goes above and beyond to make the client’s day fun and memorable! I’m so thankful for the SADH program and all that it means.”

Tabitha D.

“My son, Jody, survived a traumatic brain injury when he was 12 years old. He is now 43. Jody has been attending Serenity Adult Day Health for over 12 years. He loves being with the other members and participates in lots of activities that are provided. While he is attending the center, I have time to recharge and relax. Jody loves the entire staff.”

Judy M.

“Serenity ADH gives me a peace of mind, and is very therapeutic. I enjoy the people that run it. I enjoy the games and crafts most of all. I also enjoy and look forward to the meals.”

Leroy R.

“Serenity ADH is a place I like to come for enjoyment. I love that I get to talk to people. I have peace with myself. I love talking with others, playing bingo, having Bible study, good food, and a cook that knows how to cook, and a staff that know how to run the facility.”

Mary W.

“I love coming to the center and getting to visit people, and I love the activities we do.”

Erwin G.

“Serenity ADH saved my life. I used to drink every day. Now that I go to the center, I don’t do that anymore. I’m very thankful.”

Jerome J.

“I’ve been coming here for 13 years. This place is like a second home. The staff meets all my needs. It’s a good place to come.”

Larry P.