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Become a Serenity Adult Day Health Member!

When your loved one becomes a Serenity Adult Day Health member, you can rest assured that they are in good, loving hands. Our caring staff provides your senior or adult engaging experiences that promote wellness and enrichment every day they are with us. Our team understands how loneliness can often accompany the aging process for your parent, grandparent, or adult loved one. That’s why Serenity remains committed to establishing community, routine, personal care, fulfillment, independence, and more for all our members.

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How to Join the Serenity Family

No matter how you join the Serenity family, our team will guide you through the registration process. All Serenity members must go through a third-party case manager first, but we can steer you along the path toward membership with ease.

Our team cuts through the red tape and helps navigate the enrollment process alongside you.

Serenity members can join through:

Serenity Membership Through Medicaid Waiver Programs

Families can register their loved ones with Serenity Adult Day Health through CCSP or SOURCE, two Medicaid Waiver programs offering financial assistance to members who meet program requirements. Contact our team to see if you qualify.

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Ready to Register Your Loved One with Serenity Adult Day Health? Contact Us to Discuss Your Options.

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Transportation Through Medicaid

Serenity members who join through the available Medicaid Waiver Programs can rely on us to schedule transportation services for easy access to our facility. We only recommend trusted, Medicaid-approved sources for transportation, and our team can assist with scheduling once a member has established transportation services.

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Contact Us to Begin the Transportation Process for Your Loved One: 478-302-5772

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Socialization and Engagement

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Personal Care Services

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